Maintenance of your air conditioner unit is very important and essential at the same time because it is a necessity, especially on weather conditions wherein extreme sun is at its highest peak of coverage. In order for you to enjoy many years of using the unit, it is best for you to maintain it just like any other appliances or equipment that you have in your home or office. Finding the right air conditioner contractor such as at is your only option in keeping up the unit functioning. It is also through their reliability that the air conditioner is kept well maintained in terms of their expertise.

You must also understand that maintenance is based on the location of the air conditioner. This also includes the room and unit size, how far it can cool an entire room and maintaining its other accessories such as tools, compressor, a fan and a lot more. Here are the following key elements as to maintaining an air conditioner.

  1. Sealed elements- this comprises of the compressor, coil, its motor for the room and sealed components. Anything that should be repaired particularly in this area it is important that it should be addressed right away with professional service in order for you to keep it clean and at the same time managed.
  2. The key components- this contains the power cord, filter, switch, thermostat, coil, and fan. These are considered to be very important as well and it is specifically maintained because these are the areas wherein it is prone to any cause of damage and must avoid any problems.

In maintaining the mentioned parts, here are more tips for you to be guided;

Filter- removing the front of the grille or either you’re going to replace the filter in the beginning for every cooling season and if you happen to live in a very dusty place it would be best as well to regularly clean the area. You do not have to worry if your filter is washable because it is easy and convenient to use by just using a detergent soap and water to clean. After washing, make sure to have it dry before you’re going to reinstall it.

The power cord- the air conditioner that connects to the cord can become worn out and somehow fail to supply electricity. If you want to check the cord, make sure that the panel is removed.

Condenser coils and evaporators- it is essential that you are able to clean the entire area every month. For dirty and dusty places, it is expected to clean the area so as not to accumulate anything in the unit.

Switch- keep in mind that the conditioner does not monitor by the setting. To correct it, the control panel is removed and switch is relocated. Check all its terminals if there are any insulations that are burnt. Furthermore, if you see that it needs to replaced due to burning of the switch, it would be best for you to replace it with another.