Do not hire an individual if you do not have someone who will process all the documents needed, it will only make your life complicated. When you hire an individual, you need to file documents on your own at your own risk, like you will be the one held responsible for paying taxes, having his or her direct employee will need you to get your own employer identification tax number, pay taxes as an employer aside from all other taxes in the world that you needed to pay, and also you will be the one who will pay for his or her insurance, especially when you hire him or her as your full time employee. So make sure that you hire someone from to make the process easier and safer.

Do not haggle over a salary when you hire someone from an agency or company, keep in mind that the agency or company will already be the one who will pay for all their benefits and taxes on your behalf so if you will haggle with their employees salary, what would be left for the staff’s salary. Also, since the staff already applied in an agency or a company therefore more or less there was already a negotiation made if the expected salary of the household staff was high or not realistic that is why you need not to haggle, the agency or company have already done that, if you do not have enough to pay the employee then look for someone somewhere else.

Also, when you hire household staff or even before you decide that you will hire someone from or in any other place you need to make sure that you already know your responsibility, such as treating the employee the right way, treating them as human beings, and give what is due to them.

Do ask for another employer references like the one that you can see on their documents, you can use that to check their character references, do not just let it stay there, that is always included in every CV for a reason and not just a wallflower or something that would make look a CV that has a lot of info on it. Make sure that you use the character references written on the CV’s of the applicants, most especially when you are hiring directly and not from an agency or a service provider company, so you need to give those numbers a call.

Do ask for a trial period, if you will be hiring someone like from or any other company or agency within your area to try and ask if they will allow you to have a trial period. Having a trial period will actually beneficial for you and the applicant since you will be able to find out if they are really fit for the position/s you are hiring and it will be beneficial to the applicants since they will get to experience what awaits them on the job before finally deciding if they will accept the job or not.